4/08/2009 04:17:00 PM


Most of my black friends didn't like it, however they didn't even notice it...which surprised me.
I tried a wash and go, and i think i need a better gel, since this gll left my hair feeling SO dry. Anyways, no one said anything bad, four of my friends thought it was cute, however some people didn't like it.Oh well. I love it!!!I am so much happier, lighter, and WAY MORE ENERGETIC.
I was like, skipping in the hall and jumping on my friends and stuff.
Nothing bothers me.
Nothing agytated me.
Everything was just a breeze.

It was like being on Morphine.


I was way too lazy when I got home to bother even taking photos of myself, but I will when I get home tonight from night school. I can't wait for it to grow, I was surprised by the length anyway though...they were all surprised. The lady said "woah, you're hair is thick, and there is SO much! You'd be a WICKED dredlock!"

I don't know what exactly that means but, whateves.

I didn't even care what people on the street thought about my hair, i mean, i was wearing a hat, but you could still see the front of my hair. There was a dude, who also follows my youtube vids, and he already knew i was doing it. He's the type of person who you don't know if he's serious or he's sarcatic. I'm one of those people too, but at least i tell you later wether i was joking or not. Anyway, so he kept making a BIG deal and telling me to take off my hat, making it look like i didn't like it and blah blah blah, and acting like the whole BC thing was something meaningles. I mean, I know it is just hair but STILL...I have never had short hort hair before. So it was a serious thing. Whatever, i just ignored him, honestly...i don't have the time to explain why and how it is SO extremely important. A lot of people asked me why, and i just said "long story, if you really really want to know, search why relaxer isn't healthy(or damages black hair) for black hair". Geeezzzzus!


Well actually they're coming...

just later on tonight when i take these photos.



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