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4/25/2009 12:48:00 AM

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I am going to start my own challenge.
The Goddess Diet Challenge.

I was searching around about Africa, ancient egypt, and then Khemet, and stumbled upon some good information. Sometimes i like to randomly search my roots for no reason.

Anyway so here it is:

The process of a woman seeking the Goddess within involves both the physical and the spiritual.

Any woman can become goddess incarnate, but very few women actually achieve this goal. The path towards this goal is often fulfilling and enriching on its own. Sometimes the journey really is more important than the destination.

“One of the most interesting developments in women’s spirituality is that of a widespread view of Goddess as immanent rather than transcendent, i.e. within each person, within all of nature, not as a woman sitting on a throne or flying around up in the heavens. Many women today perceive Goddess not only as immanent but as immament process, as the flow of life energy.” —Merlin Stone in Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood, page xiii

Some women have numerous advantages (such as genetics, economic wealth, cultural acceptance, control over their time, etc.) and still fail to become goddesses, while other women facing extreme hardships (such as physical disabilities, mental disabilities, poverty, cultural oppression, poor neighborhoods, etc.) are able to become goddesses.

Certainly there are many external circumstances and other factors out of your control, but there is much that each woman can do if she really wants to.

Ancient cultures have three basic archetypes of goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Grandmother (or crone). You will want to achieve the goddess nature appropriate for your age.

unhealthy typical diet

A 2006 survey of obese American adults revealed that 70% of these obese adults thought they ate a healthy diet! Obviously there is a great deal of confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet.

The typical diet plan in popular mass market diet books provide a list of easy to follow directions that a person follows for a short period of time. One to four weeks produces a temporary weight loss of five to twenty (5-20) pounds. This is typically water loss, but can be some other harmful effect.

This short trendy diet is followed by a return to your normal habits. You regain the weight you just lost, plus a few extra new pounds as your body tries to recover from the drastic swings in diet it just experienced.

Pick another trendy diet and repeat the process, slowly yo-yoing to ever increasing weights and ever decreasing healthiness.

healthy Goddess Diet

The Goddess Diet Plan is different. This is a long term plan for permanent life changes that allow you to bring out the Goddess within yourself.

With the Goddess Diet Plan, you learn about your body and apply time proven physical, mental, and spiritual changes that transform you into a manifestation of the Goddess of your choice.

The three basic Goddess archetypes are the Maiden, Mother, and Grandmother. There are a wide variety of Goddesses of each type from cultures all over the world. Pick one or more Goddess archetypes that are appropriate for you personally.

The Greeks divided the Maiden archetype into three kinds: Kore Persephone (the young woman seeking marriage and family), Kore Athena (the young woman pursueing a profession or craft), and Kore Artemis (the wild young woman, including lesbians, musicians, artists, and librarians).

balance of yin and yang

The Chinese divide foods into three major groups: yin, yang, and neutral. Yang foods tend to heat the body up. Yin food tend to cool the body down. Neutral foods are in between.

You want to build up meals that give you a good balanced diet. Start with one or more neutral foods and balance yin and yang foods.

In the morning and evening, when the temperature is more yin (or cool), you want to eat more yang (warming foods). In the middle of the day, when the temperature is more yaang (or hot), you want to eat more yin (cooling foods).

So, your morning meal, or breakfast, should be a hearty cooked meal (yang). Your mid-day meal, or lunch, should consist of salads and fruits. And you evening meal, or dinner, should be another cooked meal. Your dinner should be the a much lighter meal than your breakfast because the body’s ability to metabolize food decreases after sundown.

The articles on yin, yang, and neutral foods include lists that will help you get started.


A 2006 survey of obese American adults revealed that 40% of these obese adults thought they engaged in vigorous exercise at least three times a week! Obviously there is a great deal of confusion about whaat constitutes vigroous exercise.

Proper exercise is an important part of good health. Many Western women try to control their health through diet alone. While diet does have a powerful effect on health, it is not the only component of good health. Good exercise is important for both physical and mental health (you will feel better about yourself after a good workout).

You may be interested in the old Canadian Royal Air Force XBX plan for women (please read the disclaimers and modern advice added at the website).

Yoga can be an important part of any healthy exercise routine.

Now I don't know about permanent life, but i do know, those images of egyptian/khemet woman are always slim. I'm sure that is just what they WANTED to be, however it all seems conected to me.

Nothing against being big, i know a lot of voluptuous girls who are gorgeous. However, I've been big, it didn't suit me. I don't think. I think its nice if you have a lovely shape and nice torso to pull off bigness. For me, my shape is nice, but when i'm big it doesn't compliment my torso at all. I just don't feel it.


I can do Yoga at school, we have Yoga every morning for 45 minutes.

I shall try this!
I just like trying new things.


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