. seventy-three (Thats Just Awesome...no really. (not really...) )

4/23/2009 02:12:00 AM

My sleep schedule is sooo screwed.
I go home and sleep from 4 - 10 then 10-2am.
or from 6-11:30 then 11:30-1:20am.

Then I'm awake for the rest of the day.

It's like I live in another time zone or something.

Okay so it turns out this girl who likes my ex is now single, though her boyfriend, or should I say, her ex-boyfriend is the HOTTEST little man on the FACE OF THE EARTH! Like oh em gee, this is what I mean when I say Jamaicans are not merked, unless they are mixed with something else. OKAY!?!? I'm sorry, but I take pride in the beauty of my people. (LOL)

I'm not even going to begin to talk to him though, even if he looks at me all the time. Half of me says I should do it, since she's always flirting with my ex in my face every day fourth period, but I'm better than that. I don't need to set out revenge,even though this is the same chick who stole my lotion, stole my gold chain and still acts like my bessie everyday. Damnit. I need to stop being so forgiving and nice and get her back. But I'm just not like that, you know? I have too much pride to lower mysef to her level....

Whateves, it doesn't even matter, I'll see how things go tomorrow, if they flirt even harder now that she's single. That will determine our fate, as my grandmother would say. Haha.

Nothing extremely exciting to say, all I've been doing is fricken going to school, eating, showering and sleeping for two days in a row. I ditched night school again today, cause after a day school trip I had I didn't feel like attending since I was too tired.

I feel Bad for this dude at school, who likes one of my outside of school friends, and I try to give him hope, knowing there is no hope for him. He is not exactly ugly or anything, he's just a bit of a hardcore ganja smoker and gets drunk and high and then comes to class, and he's not dumb or anything but, he acts dumb, cause of the weed and alcohol most likely. Ugh. She would never go for him. She doesn't see into those kind of dudes, I know I'M NOT. However, I promised him I would try...and I am trying, but she's not making an effort, and he is making too much of an effort. You know?

Kids these days.

So much for my diet, I fully had cake, pie, chocolate fondue strawberries and 5 beef patties, one being Halal and no excersise. Well, I lie...cause I excersise in gym, but besides that....no excersise.

Random, I know....but this whole post is random!

My hair feels dry, I should moisturize it.


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