. seventy-four (Sorry, I'm ranting again...But pay attention to the title of this Blog...)

4/24/2009 02:13:00 PM

I f you don't feel like reading about my shitty life right now, LOL , then go ahead and listen to this song which i like.

Whoot for Grey's Anatomy which is where i first heard this song.


WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have this issue, where my mother is a total failure in my grandmother's eyes, she was a wise young girl and could've been the hottest and most successful shit...and instead got mixed with my dad, knocked up, and had me.


So now , I'm living with my grandmother because of a long story that I won't get into, but bottom line is she is not fit to take care of me and my dad handed me over to my grandmother so i could see my mom more often. Okay understood. My grandmother is always putting all this MOTHERFUCKING SHIT on me about how I have to be the greatest cause both my parents are douchebags and nobodies and I have to come out like something. At least so that my Mother's failures can be pushed aside because it would probably be somewhat cancelled out by my Success.

It's like my whole entire GOTDAMN life revolves around the failure of my Mom.


Like what the fuck?

I hate when i get lectures like that, and I hate when people call my mom a failure, cause it wasn't even her fault. Truth be motherfucking told she is mentally unstable right now....she's been that way since my dad broke it off with her, when i was like 2 years old. The only reason why she is depressed like that is cause she's one of those exxes that can't let go. I don't want to be like that, though i can tell already that I'm sort of like her in that sense, just a bit stronger.

My grandma busts through my door again this afternoon before going to work and says :
CLEAN UP THE HOUSE CAUSE MY SISTER COMING TOMORROW, AND IF YOU DON'T THEN IM THROWING OUT YOUR LAPTOP. And you can't do anything to me afterwards, and then im sending you to your dads.

And i'm thinking: What the fuck, you just told me earlier this morning how i should focus on school do my work and all this shit and now you threating to throw out my laptop, which is where i get most of my hmwk done!?

Then I say: Well by the way i have to go to my friend's and finish my Islam project tomorrow.


I'm thinking: WHAT THE FUCK?!? Now i can't even go finish my religion project? how the fuck a i supposed to get my work done and keep my grades up if you're going to stay there and tel me not to do my shit and prohibit me from getting it done at my friend's house. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!

I'm so speechless cause its so fucking stupid.

like i don't even know where the fuck to begin.

I'm obviously going to go anyway, and do my project then go to this little jam afterwards cause i was invited. Fuckit. Like i don't even care right about now. I'm going to clean the house, then chill with my little sister today go for a walk, cause the day is beautiful and just hang out with my dad. Do my project Saturday, go to this small jam, then go see my mother on Sunday...

I love my parents, and I don't care if people want to say they're fucked up or whatever, cause they're my fucked up parents. My dad doesn't treat my mother the best but, oh well at least he takes care of his business the best way he can, even if it isn't up to standard. I'm easy to please, as long as you're making an effort its fine. I love my mother the most for still trying. I lost her gold chain and cried cause thats all i have left from her to keep forever, and now its gone. FUCK. But i still love her and i can hold on to that.
Ugh. Fuck this life right now.

Sorry for talking about my effed up life lately, i'm surely going to get on with the Hairyness soon...just you got to pay attention to the title of this Blog:

Liberated :

1. to set free, as from imprisonment or bondage.
2. to free (a nation or area) from control by a foreign or oppressive government.
3. to free (a group or individual) from social or economic constraints or discrimination, esp. arising from traditional role expectations or bias.
4. To set free, as from oppression, confinement, or foreign control.

1. not constrained or restricted by custom, tradition, superstition, etc.: a modern, emancipated woman.
2. freed, as from slavery or bondage.

I wish I could really be emancipated...
I've already been emancipated from the bonds of relaxed hair by cutting it all off...Haha. Now I just need to be freed from my current shit...



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