Embarassing(FML)...My new favourite song.

4/14/2009 11:12:00 PM

Is Creep by Radiohead.
This song was only played for a short amount of time on BBC One radio, because it was said to be TOO DEPRESSING.
Its true, its depressing....however, its life.
For many people.

I think this is an uplifting song actually...or maybe I'm just a creep. (haha)

Moving on...

I was checking up on my blog in my schools Library and my English teacher (who isnt mine anymore, but in fact is my friend's this semester, who was sitting next to me) saw it and read some of my ish, and I was like : "UHH....uhmm...errksz"
Then he said the blog URL / link out loud, I guess so he can remember it. Then mentioned to my friend "you're gonna do some blogging for my english class"
I'm just hoping he doesnt use mine as an example....that would suck. Especially since, those people are kinda like MY CLASSMATES....and one is my ex, who is mentioned in here quite enough times for it to be EFFING EMBARASSING.
Then they'd see me in the hallway and be all like"YOU HAVE A BLOG?' "YOU BLOG?"
And I'll be like: "Yes, because I have no life, and sometimes like venting or sharing information with the rest f the world. Damn."
I hate that you usually find the most awesome peple through things like this, its just too bad you and that person will never chill. Not that I would, since its weird to chill with people you met off the internet, BUT ANYWAY...point is, I like getting the viewpoints of people who are on my page, you know? I hate explaining ish. Example; my bigchop. Like DOUBLE YOU TEEE EFFERSZ!? How many times must I give you the reasons?
Just today in the Library, one of my schoolmates called me "India Arie"

You could only guess why.

compliment or insult?
i dunno.

I hope my english teacher sees this.

please, do not use my blog as an example/template.




My hair's doing good, people are seeing the growth more than I am.
my wash ' go looks way better after a conditioning and moisturizer...i thought my hair looked hawt today. Too bad my front is short so i didnt get the look i wanted. DAMN.
Oh the EFF well.

Okay. I need to pull an all nighter and I'm here blogging!
thanks to New "Followers"


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