. seventy-two (Evening Meditation and Visualization Of My Day.)

4/20/2009 11:49:00 PM

I woke up.

I was going to be late for school this morning, however since my grandmother is a little BIZNIATCH at times, I decided to leave the house....though I was going to stay home and sleep until the time came round where I would be able to get to school on time for second period. Something in my gut told me that today was going to be one of those days, so I left the house and sat on my porch like thing, right beneath the door so no one would see me and just stayed there. Cold, rainy and windy outside, while I wore my kilt and sat on the concrete ground waiting for the perfect time to leave. After that time came around, which was about 9:15(45 minutes later) I ran to the bus stop... I ran cause I felt like it. No real reason. I just ran to see if it could make me feel better, it didn't work though. Possibly cause I was cold, wet, and weighed down by my backpack. Whatever, I got the bus and got to school just in time for second period and went about my day.

My ex, Mr. Perfection, talked to me a lot today. Random, as shit. If anyone remembers the post i made of our conversation via FB:

"Now I also hear rumors of how I flirt with Keisha to make you jealous, going behind my back instead of telling me was unexpected, I THOUGHT YOU KNEW ME BETTER. I talk to almost all your friends just fine, what would make me not talk to you....."
(click to read the whole post)

Yeah, I don't really know how to feel about it..its weird how I think he hates my guts but he talks to me like we're still good friends. We're alright I guess, now. Do I regret confronting him? Not really. Now things are sort of out of the way, I ignored what he said about me getting jealous about that girl, cause I never told anyone SHIT about that. So...he probably made that shit up. I sort of liked the attention I won't even lie. Ugh, I suck. But anywho. It makes me happy. I like keeping my friends.

I seemed to have lost one.
She has just randomly stopped talking to me and the rest of my friends except for one. However, its alright...I don't even give a shit really. Ever since she got a boyfriend she's been different, and everyone has noticed. People we don't even hang with have noticed. Whatever, she wasn't one of the friends i was sure about. Not like heartless.
Which brings me to the next topic:

My Bessie I was talking about in the post from the other day found my blog, LMAO.


I talked to her about it on the phone, only for a while, since it was pretty late. She isn't mad anymore...so she says. I hope not. As corny as it is, she's one of the friends 'm sure of. You know? Like I'm POSITIVE that she will be there all the time, as long as I'm there too you know? Which is good. I hate questioning my friendship with others. I would be ''cheesed'' too, but I hope it can just go past like whatever. I dunno, I have issues. I feel really bad about it, I mean I expressed how shitty I felt when I posted my post on how I lied to her no? I did. But whatever. Problem solved.

Some dude I kinda like bought me a bus ticket today.
LOL. It was random, I decided to skip the second half of night school with my friend and we ran into him....after a while it seemed he followed us, considering he was alone. Apparently he got kicked out for being late, though he had a good reason..which was a REALLY good and cute reason. (taking care of his younger sister while his mother is at work...how sweet.) So we had small talk, it was awkward, unfortunately. My friend thinks if she wasn't there it would've went better. I asked her aloud for a extra bus ticket, and he said he'd buy me one...I thought he was joking or something....however he did. How sweet.

She (my friend) conjured up a plan, that I should take this opportunity to repay him for the ticket by giving him a ticket. Then conversation can begin from there.

Smarty Pants.
UGH . I'm such a weirdo.

Four day week this week, YEZZER! Too bad it's raining for most of the week. I hate rain.

I'm very relaxed right about now, it took me exactly 29 minutes to get to home from school tonight and now I'm blogging before going to take a shower and possibly deep-condition my hair. I got plenty o' compliments about my hair today, it made my self-esteem boost a bit, I won't lie. Haha!

I thought i lost my cell phone today, I searched through the rain and the wind this afternoon, attempting to re-trace my damn steps. When I got back to my friends house to re-check my bag, it turned out that it was in my bag, and the reason I couldn't hear it was because it as on silent.

420 was today.
I had a puff...only one. From my friend's big sis's bong.
nothing happened, obviously. I hope everyone else had a a good 420.

Don't worry, I sometimes love myself to bits, just lately I've been thinking a lot and every time it comes back around to me being a douche. My hair is the only thing going good right now. Lol.

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