PATHIETIC POETIC MOMENT(#3or4?): I love you, after goodbye.

4/13/2009 12:01:00 AM

I Love You.

I love the way you walk, I love the way to talk, i love they way you make me feel.
the way you make me look.
And you read me like a book, I know it's cliche to make those two words rhyme with each other.
However you, are like no other.
No other person could make me cry,
then make me laugh in less than 20 minutes.
No other could make me do the things I have done with you in the past,
but like I you knew that this would not last.

You knew, as I knew, it was too good to be true.
I tried to tell you, my feelings were true.

and they were.

However, you were right when you said "you don't feel the same as I do."
I didn't Love you the way you loved me.

I didn't feel for you with the same exact percentage as you.

I did love you.
I cared.
I tried to let you know.

Then you started, getting attached.
I felt under pressure.
I felt trapped.

I love you, but I can't stay...

And as I turn your blue skies to grey,
I hope you remember me that way...that last call full of sighs.
We said I love you, after goodbye.

Based on me re-breaking up with my ex-exboyfriend.
-sigh- I did it this morning...
But... we were losing the spark. It came and went, until it just felt like it needed to be pulled by force. I had to cut it off, and he has to let go.
Cause he couldn't the first time.


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