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4/03/2009 08:01:00 PM

I really have always loved the SMOKEY EYE look.

(in case the link doesnt work: SMOKEY EYE DIY

Although, I don't wear make-up,( unless its a bit of mascara on days when I feel I need an ego-boost, which is rare..haha.) I have been gaining an interest in make-up a lot more lately...I don't know why....

I also wish I had MAD SKILLSZSZ and talent to make my own clothes...
Like Chanel, from junkprints: http://www.flickr.com/photos/junkprints/
check out her blog, which is awesome http://www.dookyblog.com/
Did I mention shes natural, in fact she has LOCS.
I love he works and wish I could be THAT GOOD. I just alter my clothing, but I cant actually CREATE something. =[

I also found some WICKED inspiration today...on essence magazine's site:
There is some CRAZY inspiration there, besides she is rocking a 4b or 4c looking TWA, which is hell of a lot of inspiration for me. Also, there is some really good information on how to care and treat natural hair, that I didn't know about.
For example did you know, conditioner actually isn't too great for our hair, and instead we should use essential oils. Check that link out, for reals.


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