Well Exsqueeeze Me.

4/12/2009 04:32:00 PM

Alright, I hate this shit to core right about now, and I think it is about time I come out with it and BLOG about how much this pisses me off.


So the hell what if I listen to bands such as:
Kings Of Leon
Cancer Bats
Die Mannequin
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Bob Dylan
The Doors
The Kills
Pink Floyd
Billy Talent
Linkin Park
Avenge Sevenfold
THE LIST GOES ON...I am missing A LOT

Anyways, i enjoy some elctronica and shit too. JEBUS!
Like why is it such an issue, why is there so much that I HAVE TO DO in order to be officially BLACK or AFRICAN DESCENDED?!?
This is bull crap.

I will listen to my rock music and be damn happy about it!
I will also not eat many fried foods, drink Kool-Aid (though i LOVE kool-aid, thats jsut cause it tastes DAMN GOOD!) and not go gallivanting around in barely any clothes and be loud and obnoxious.


On to other things..
I have been diagnosed with HIF(hand in fro) syndrome.

It's terrible.

I can't get my damn hands out of my hair. And I absolutley love the defined coils, that are unfortunately hidden most of the times by the undefined coils. Grr. I need to invest in a denman, or at least a look-alike. I went and applied for a HELLUVA lot of jobs and...i'm not getting call backs. DAMNIT! I used to work at the FRICKEN Gap!
I should be getting jobs like THAT. I snapped my fingers just now, incase you couldn't hear that....which you prabably didn't.

There's this guy i thought was cute for about 3 years now, and thought he was so nice and all that buisness. So I just became friends with his good friend at school, and he just happends to be INTRESTED IN MOI! Thats right yall. I mean, I don't think he's seen me with my TWA - on account of we don't bump into eachother as much in the halls anymore, but if he doesn't like me with my TWA then he isn't worthy of my love. I'm prud of my TWA , and I don't give a damn if dudes nah like it.
- my jamaican accent right there-

What i ned to be doing is my laundry, my grandma's hair and cleaning my room and possibly my bathroom...since everything is a mess.
Agh, I have an Independant Study Project to do for Night School English (i didn't fail, i just want to upgrade my mark....).

Im such a procrastinator.


I gotta start on my shizz.

Smiling Politely - Cancer Bats feat. Ben Kowalewicz

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