. 69 (Trial & Error. (Hair products))

4/19/2009 04:29:00 PM

Sorry can't get enough of this TWA right here. LMFAO.
I swear i do this everyday..(well not everyday, but very often.)


Alright, so here are my trial and error results from the products I've been using in my hair since my BC. Aright, so lets do this:

Olive Oil Sheen: As great as it should be....there is not much to say for the sheen, its nothing amazing.
Smell: || ?/10 || I don't know what to say, its oil sheen...
Feel: || 6/10 || I feel pretty secured, and I trust that it seals it my moisture just fine. Using it on my scalp is pretty good too.
Practicality: || 8/10 || Eh, its alright.

Olive Oil...everything else: Sucks balls, I mean..this stuff seems to work wonders for everyone except me. Cause this stuff makes my hair feel rough, dry, and overall just plain SHITTY.
I'm sort of disappointed, since I was so sure that it would be DA SHIZ.
Smell: || 10/10 || Great. Conditioner smells pretty great, shampoo does too.
Feel: || 0/10 || ROUGH, brittle, dry...I hate it.
Practicallity: || 0/10 || Like what hell...

Herbal Essences Conditioner: FREAKIN' ROCKS!!!
I love it, it is the best for co-washing and deep conditioning FO' REALSZSZ. If herbal Essences needs someone to advertise their shit, I will be SO UP FOR IT, cause they are the freaking BOMBDIGGITY!
Feel: || 10/10 || Soft, manageable light. Almost like Baby naps. You know, how its all like smooth and soft and you could just sleep on it and stuff? Yeah, that is it.
Smell: || 9.5/10 || Yummy, floral-ish/berry-ish scent. That smells good almost all day. I never noticed how long it goes on for. I'll figure that out.
Practicality: || 10/10|| I think its worth the money I buy it for. It smells great, feels great, and moisturizes beautifully. I love it. I recommend.

Elasta QP Conditioner: Is alright, its nothing special for my hair either...its just whatever. Moisture lasts for about an hour then leaves....Haha...-sigh-
Smell: || 4/10 || It smells like...a conditioner. Nothing sweet....just business.
Feel: || 6.7/10|| Alright. Its moisturized, jut not soft. you know?
Practicality: || ?/10|| I didnt buy it, so I dunno.

These were all in my house from a long time ago, some of this is my grandma's or my mothers....so i haven't gone out and bought anything as of yet. I will when i get the money and time though. I still have to invest in a denman.

If anyone has any ideas of stuff I may have to add o my Shopping list, you may go ahead and go to town on it.

Everything is appreciated.


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