Uh. Alright.

4/02/2009 03:05:00 PM

So. I finally FULLY explained to my grandmother what exactly I'm doing to my hair. First thing this morning she enters my room and says. "When are you going to get your hair done?", meaning relaxed, and I roll my eyes, since I am QUITE annoyed at this very moment, and say, "Grandma, Im not going to go perm my hair anymore...I told you already Im cutting it off." .
"You think you live by yourself?!"
She sits at the edge of my bed, in order to get a better look at me, so she can give me a proper 'What-the-bumbo-rassclot' look.
"Grandma..." I attempt to reassure her, "I'm not going to go bald or anything, Im just cutting off the permed ends."
She looks worried.
"Oh. So did you tell you're father?"
"Yes I did Grandma."
"What did he say?"
"He said 'good'." Pause. "I told my mom too, and she's alright with it. She told me to shape it."
My Grandma shuffled around in her spot, but I couldn't see her, since by this time I covered my face with my Green blanket in order to block my eyes from the light. Heyzeus meng. It's too early to go into this. "Alright. Fine. Its not me, its your parents who should know.."
Yeah. Right. So if I just went and did my Big Chop without her knowing, it would be okay?
NOPE. She'd get even MORE pissed off, so I don't know why she gave me that B.S.

Well, she's all good. I told her its on Tuesday, I gave her the card so she knows the location.

I'm just here looking for photos...

If anyone can...
please help me find some photos of haircuts, cause I need to show them a photo...so that they understand what I'm saying...

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