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5/24/2009 03:31:00 PM


So remember how I was like "Au Natural" is the new Black?
Well, I guess it's not only going for Hair, but beauty too. As in make-up is apparently "out" and being yourself is "in". Can you believe how ridiculous that sounds? Haha! I read up on it.

From "co-ed UGLY" at chictopia.com....

may 20, 2009

coedugly sans fards. add as favorite photo


I was thinking, with all the buzz over Elle magazine creating a series of covers of stars sans fards (without make-up, but of course, still avec le fotoshoppe) and Katie Holmes venturing out for an event (gasp) without make-up, does this mean we have really come this far away from accepting natural beauty that these sorts of things shock us?

I wonder what the hooplah is all about. I don’t think “bare faces” should be considered a “trend” any more than drinking water or eating food should be considered “trendy,” but I’m beginning to wonder if that is the sort of territory we are approaching.

In honor of whatever this movement may be, here’s my mug sans fards and my hair, out of the shower and slept on. Oh, and a really shiny spot on my forehead.

On a personal note, I’ve always wished my eyes were bigger and wider set, and have always wanted to get a nose job. Then, in the midst of all this thinking about natural beauty, I thought to myself, why? Have I gotten so used to the way my face looks when it’s all dolled up that I fail to appreciate it’s natural beauty? That is truly a sad day.

I sort of hope that this no-makeup movement will make bare faces the norm rather than shocking (i.e. news worthy). I’d really like to see the standard of beauty shift. Let’s be serious, you know you wear all of that make-up because you think you look better that way. I hope more women will be able to throw away the “what I’m supposed to look like” mentality and just embrace the way they actually look (myself included). Maybe we would be better off commenting on whether or not women have any other setting besides “hot tranny” and “circus clown.”

Here’s to natural beauty.



I cant seem to get back my font....lol.
so uh, yeah.

Moving on:
I tried some DIY yesterday and made myself some cuffed dark jean shorts. I still have to sew the cuff.

Until Then....

I'm gonna be home, drinking water with 5 drops of Oregano oil, downing some sore throat relief spray, and doing my laundry.... Maybe I won't have to go to school tomorrow... :D



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