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5/28/2009 05:29:00 PM


so I'm cheesed as FCK because my playlist songs always somehow just STOP working, and that pisses me off, cause I actually really liked those songs! So I made a WHOLE NEW PLAYLIST all over the FCK again!! UGH!!!! Whatever, this is like the first time I've had less than 15 songs on a playlist. 

Also, before I get to the heart of today's post I want to SHOUTOUT to Jacque ROXX for making me a signature! THANKS FOR ACTUALLY SPENDING YOUR TIME DOING IT FOR ME
-virtual hug-

Yeahhh!! I'm on my one hundredth post!! For 2009 anyway. So I guess I'll take this time to than everyone who's been reading my thoughts for the past ninety-nine posts! I am always surprised to see new comers. My face is always like 0_0
So yeah, thanks ever so much!  I have gained three more, I noticed today, so thanks to those people for that.. 

Tomorrow I am SERIOUSLY going job hunting, I'm heading down to H&M since they're having a job fair, so I'm praying to the LORD that I get a job... life fo' realzsz. Thanks to my next bessie Anna, who pretty much rushed me before Mass on tuesday to tell me. We are going to skip the last half of school to go... No biggie at all. I can't wait, I don't even know what I'm going to wear!!! UGH!! Like seriously, I need to dress nice, maybe smart casual? Smart casual should do it, I'm not going to OVER DO anything, I just want to be alright, not too showy. It's not always about appearance. 

This will also be my first time going to look for a job with an UN-relaxed head. As a natural. 
Wow. I just thought about it. Will they look at me funny? Will they think it's too weird? Probably not, cause A LOT of people I've seen working at H&M have some funky hair do's going for them, so ... my hair is pretty normal compared to what I've seen. 


So remember how I was always talking about my Facial issues? Well guess what...


Oh yes...


yeah, the same shit I used to get rid of my Cold-turned-flu! Yeppers! See, oregano oil is like some kind of like a potent germ killer and like antiseptic kind of thing. So yeah it jsut totally cleans the guck and LEAVES YOUR SKIN MOIST AS WELL.
So what I do is I wash my face (though I was advised not to do that) with a tiny bit of my regualr facial wash...rinse all the soap off..

then I get a plastic bowl of water and drop a few drops of my Organic Oregano Oil in the water, mix it up and then rinse my face again with it. Then I let it air dry.

My face is left moist and refreshed. I was looking smooth all week this week. One day I actually forgot I DIDN'T have foundation on. 

I believe I have found my face's new lover.

I'm outy, I'm not finding anything else to talk about... besides I'm also watching a movie.


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