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5/24/2009 08:17:00 PM

Duerr designer, Cheryl Tantengco kept the look modest by throwing a long cardigan over her cropped shorts. I like how her wedges gave her cozy look a bit of sex appeal.

True Blood
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I am still sick...

I am not so happy about the fact that today is SUNDAY and tomorrow is MONDAY, and yes I know that there is only three more weeks of school , but still!! Days are going by sorta slowly and fast at the same time.. I know i have to step up my game for the next couple weeks in all my courses so that the teachers know I'm "fo' reals"....

I still haven't sewn that cuff on those DIY jean shorts, but I'll get to it in time. I may want to wear them sometime this week, if they look good. I got the inspiration from that photo of the asian chick wih those shorts. I'm probably going to bite that whole entire outfit...  Haha. 

I am eagerly anticipating the new season of HBO's "True Blood". That show is pretty serious right now. At first I thought it was WAY too much like Twilight, but there is quite a difference, even if it isn't a big one. It's pretty addictive too, so.... yeah. I'm awaiting for it, for sure.

True Blood

Still in need of a job, so I have officially made the date of when I am going to go JOB HUNTING and that is most definitely going to be like Friday or Saturday, or maybe even Sunday. Haha. Seriously, cause I need a job. I NEED SOME MONEY. I can't even afford BUS FAIR sometimes, and I mean BUS FAIR to get to school. It's horrid.

So, yeah. We've (when I say ''we've'' I mean me, tooHeartless and Rosa, and the rest of my friends) have been hanging around a same group of dudes for quite some time now, so I got word from one of my friends this afternoon, that we wil be chilling with "new guys". Ugh. I really don't even care right now. I mean, it was good to know, I guess. However, I'm not into the hanging out with a different slue of guys every couple of weeks or months. It's harmless shit, just so you don't think we're a bunch of hoolians or hoes, cause we aren't...i'm just saying...

However, I was getting bored of those dudes, they were all getting a bit too closer for comfort, as you may have already figured out on account of my prior posts, so the fact that we're going to be with other dude it's kinda like a 1UP. if life were like Mario SUPER BROS....



I stink of OREGANO OIL. it's all up in my room and in my system. Ugh. It kinda smells odd. My friend Shantii got off her cold, she probably used pills or something. However, my household is having some phase where we only use NATURAL PRODUCTS. So it may take me EVEN LONGER to get better! Ugh. 

It's working though.

I'm angry with my playlist, cause they disabled my favourite song!! So I'm just going to post it here.... embedding doesn't work so i'm just going to link it. It's really sexy. I think so anyway. I have been listening to it ALL DAY LONG. It's better than the RADIO VERSION of Birthday Sex. Oh yeah, it's by Jeremih. Or whatever his name is...

He's fooyne.



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