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5/29/2009 06:25:00 PM

Watching Malcom X the movie, just at the part where they assinate him. FCK those bastards who really did it... they were haters. I kind of think, I want my husband to look like Malcom X....cause he was an immensely handsome man. They always kill and hate the good people. I sometimes wish, the world could be less horrific... -sigh-

Well, on a lighter note.

For the broke-ass I am, I don't quite behave like one...
See, I knew that if I went downtown I was going to certainly see something I like and even want to buy it. Especially at H&M. Even if I have a LITTLE money, I always spend it at H&M. ALWAYS. So I went and saw some of the t-shirts they had up there for the FASHION AGAINST AIDS collection, and to tell you the truth I really wanted the N.E.R.D shirt, too bad it was SOLD OUT. So instead I bought the Dangerous Muse one...the Yoko Ono shirt was promising, but not ME enough for me to purchase it for $22.40.

You gotsta be kidding me. I mean, I know it's apparently for AIDS but c'mon. Like what the hell.

So here they are:

This is the one I actually bought, just mine is YELLOW

Dangerous Muse hm-fashion-against-aids-2009-12

Pharrell hm-fashion-against-aids-2009-23

So yeah, I don't know why there is an underline on everything I FCKN say, however...
I'm pissed the FCK off about it. Anywhoo. 

Sometimes I wish I could blog on the go, cause the weirdest and funniest things always happen to me. I bet you'd like to know eh? Well I'm not telling, cause I'm way too lazy to get into all that right now. So yeah, maybe some other time. Ugh this damn underline is sooo annoying and UGLY. I hate when I upload photos and then blogger gets all FCKED. 

Anyways, I didn't tell you how the job fair went! It went alright, they interviewed mr on the spot, and I honestly don't even know what to say. I don't think I'm going to get, but i thin I may have a chance. I printed my Resume in the Library today and they printed like 3 copies of the first page of my 2 paged Resume. So I went to some Youth Service center at the mall, and the guy working there offered to print it for me, for free...and said that there were a few issues with my resume, and so me, him, and my best friend Anna were just in there editing my blog for like 45 to 63 minutes. I was surprised he actually went through that trouble to actually edit it. He said it was a good pass of his afternoon time. He seemed to be 20something. Alright looking, not really my type. But he was really funny, he was like a white, male version of me.


I can't undo the underlines!!!

Anywho. I visited TOO HEARTLESS today at her work as well, told her I'm seeing my ex A.G tomorrow, she advised me not to, but it's to late, he's come from Brampton (which is a good 20 minute drive on the highway i think.. and like maybe more than an hour on transit) to see me, so it would be so BITCH if I flopped on him. So I'm going to see him. Ugh. I'm TOO HOPELESS.

So, I guess i'm outy now, since I really have nothing else to say... 



Alright, so...

I promised myself I would not do this but...

I was just starring at the shirt in my closet, and I was like: I think I should make an outfit with it. So that's what I did, though I couldn't seem to find ANYTHING that looked great with it. I finally made up my mind to wear it with my favourite dark blue skinnies and maybe the black cardigan. Maybe. Though I didn't take a photo of that, you get it I trust that you understand. So yeah. I took some odd photos of myself and decided to upload them for the world to see. I was just so bored. Though now i'm sure I know what I should do. Clean up my room a bit, and scour my shower and bathroom. Yup. Well anywhoo...

Now I'm out, for reals.

S'laters! <33333

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