. ninety-nine ( my life )

5/26/2009 04:53:00 PM

So.... uhh.

I'm home with my little sister, and my cold is recovering a bit.

Ugh, we're about to make that trip to KFC and hit up Toonie Tuesday deals, YA KNOOWW!!

Uh, yeah.

Today I was thinking that, for the longest time I was like: I don't have any real friends...
I don't know, but I always doubt my friendships with people, I was always like what the hell?
However, while reading TooHeartless's blog today, it made me RETHINK. I have a few friends that would really go and be there for me when I'm in need. So I think I may just BITE her post today and go all out and name all my friends and do that whole shout-out thing. Not today though... Cause I'm about to hit up Toonie Tuesdays at KFC.

Yeah back to my day....
Went to ALL MY CLASSES on time, and somehow got nominated to run for Secretary of Student Council 09-10..

Perrrrrrrfect -sarcasm-


Anyways, my Ex called......
grrrreat -sarcasm-.
He wants to see me this weekend, I answered the question with a question:

AG: I think I may come by this weekend....
Mesi: Really?
Yeah, are you gonna come to see me?
If you want me to.
I'll come if you want to come...
Do you want me to WANT to come?
Are busy or something?
Do you want to see me.
So it's settled...

-changes subject-

I need to stop giving this dude chances, if we get back together after this weekend, this will be the FOURTH make-up!!

Ugh. Yeah, I'm one of those girls. I just keep giving in, and giving chances and shit. I don't even know why I'm like this..

Ok, I'm off to KFC.


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