. eighty-five (HAPPY MOMS DAY! )

5/10/2009 05:46:00 PM

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the mommies out there...
You are all very much appreciated. A lot of people dont know this but women go through a lot of shit during the pregnancies and labours! So if you haven't done it already, make sure you tell your mom: "Yo, you da best, i love you, i appreciate you in my life, and i hope you stay put in my life for a long time."

I did a cool thing with my fro, however my camera's dead so i went to charge it....so the photos will be up soon.

I made the best strawberry/ melon/ cantaloupe with fibre boost and condensed milk smoothie today! It tastes BOMB! I'd give ingredients but.... i literally was bored and threw fruits in there...along with two teaspoons of powdered fibre, just to make myself feel more healthy.

The crush has not called back yet...but I'm alright with it, I'm not, like, crying -sniff, sniff.- (i kidd, i kidd) But seriously, I'm sure he's busy...



Well, whatever...I didnt really care, the whole thing was a personal experiment. Me being able to make the first move...and it turned out alright....

Alright well, I'm outy!



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