. ninety-four (ugh...)

5/23/2009 12:08:00 PM

So my Friday was somewhat eventful, I didn't go to school once again, because my school went to Wonderland and me, being cheap AND broke, didn't want to pay 35 bucks to go ANYWHERE. Besides, I wasn't in an amusement park mood. So... yeah.

Stayed home, cleaned the WHOLE house, since my grandma was SO ANGRY that I was sleeping over at my dad's and forgot to call or leave a message. -SIGH- So yeah, I cleaned to the EXTRRME and then went out with my friends to some dude RANCO's house... that was alright....we chilled in the dark, once again. With a little smoking, though I didn't smoke...again. Whatevers.


This dude (the same dude that like gave me four hickies last weekend) thinks that I am a lesbian!!
Okay like I don't know, I think I may just ask him about it later on and post the convo on here, cause jeeez!! I asked my friend why people woul;d say that, and she said cause I have short hair and blahdy blahdy blah....

Like what the hell.

Oh well. I don't even want to get into the whole "just cause my hair is short, doesn't mean I'm fricken HOMOSEXUAL!" stereotypical bitchasses.

I have nothing against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and the like, I'm just saying....if it's going to get in the way of me getting me some boys then I don't think I should be too estatic about it...

So, I've been hanging around with my friend TOOHeartless a lot lately, like I have said before, and since she is ....you could say "blacker than me" so nowadays my vocab has been "MERKED" (which means ugly...) and yeah...I even went all JAMAICAN on her, i pulled out my accent on her and everything cause she "CHEESED" (meaning: angered) me. LOL. So yeah, she got angry cause I never pull out the accent and I pulled it out on her, and she is my best friend. Haha.
Oh man. I couldn't even believe I did it myself. Haha.
I notice you adapt to the enviroment around you after you hang out with certain crowds. They aren't an awful crowd though, they just don't talk like I do....

Or as I used to.

Well, right now I'm at her house... I'm leaving soon, cause my grandma noticed I "stole" her earrings and her cahin. TIMES ARE HARD okay. sometimes I need to do what I need to do, to look on PAR. you know? Ugh, I need money to buy new earrings, and maybe even a chain too.
I think I may attempt to ask her today for some moolah, and then head downtown and get me some GOODS.

By the way,

Cool Kids are old, and I was the last one to hear about them, I feel like a LOSER....
So anyone who was making fun of me....please stop. Haha.
And if you weren't, don't start please.

I'm outy.



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