2/26/2009 09:43:00 PM

Anne (Album) - Santogold


Okay, lets talk about the unsettling things first.

What do you do when, the teachers gossip about you? Well you cannot really do anything can you? See what happened was, I was chosen with other back kids to go to Ottawa for some "amazing' experience, even though Ottawa, to me, is sort of boring. However, one of the kids were in California this week, so they got a replacement, who was my ex-boyfriend.

No prob.

But thing here is, he comes to the libary and tells me "Im not going with you two..."
"Ms. said that she heard you and I used to date, and it didn't work out ... so i cant go with you guys, cause they dont want any trouble." DOUBLE U TEE EFF? Whatever, i was laughing, cause I really dont know how she knew. So now im going to Ottawa in around 2 weeks or so, and he;s going this weekend i believe.

now im tooo tired to go on with the post...
tee tee why elle.
-sharz <3

Hoes In My Room - Ludacris

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