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2/02/2009 06:02:00 AM



So, I've been thinking about me and this big chop thing, and i really want to do it. I really do, like if it means my hair can get healthy again, then i am totally super ready.
But i know a lot of people who wouldn't be ready to see it.
Not that I really care, it's just that...sometimes it discourages me to do what i really want and what is really right.

A classmate of mine has a blog (
and i was reading a post about an event at school which dealt with motivational speakers.
I was supposed to go but, i was way to tired to get out of bed so early to go to school on a day where i don't have to go to school. (Friday, day after the last day of exams)

the post mentioned some things that could hold you back from doing things that you really wish to do. He actually mentioned five things.
Relationships, Fear, and he didn't mention the rest, he said he forgot.
Maybe he got lazy.

In the factor of relationships he noted that they cause a lot of stress, and you also cause yourself stress, and so on and so forth.
But im not really going to get into that, cause it has not much to do with my situation.

To me, relationships could somehow try and hold me back from my decisions. I mean, not a relationship with a boy, romantically or anything. Remember, i told you all, i do not really care about guys too much, love me or hate me...i don't owe you anything so go away.
However, my friends are relationships too.
I have relationships in my family, as a family relationship thing, right?

So, this could hold me back, cause i don't know what my friends would say....
I mean they are all finding it really hard to understand, hat I need to do this for me.
When i say really hard, i mean....seriously difficult.

" Fear is what holds us back they say, but theres only two real fears out there in the world that humans live. when we are first born the only fear we have are loud noises and falling overTHATS IT thats instinct, and what comes natural to humans. ANY OTHER FEAR was brought to us through influence, those arent real fears. Now life carries many expectations very HARSH expectation, but all of them come from OTHERS "

others bring us to the conclusion we have to be walk talk act have things a certain way whats good and whats bad. But really its what you want, WHAT YOU believe is great morally correct and rational, no how its
to be like. do WHAT YOU BELIEVE or it shall never be done."

So, I really didn't feel like trying to put it in my own words, horrible i know...but he's just so much better at this than I am.
I write like I talk.
He writes...
He writes like he talks too i guess, but he makes it long and elaborated and sensible.

Ok so anyways.
I have been influenced...
wait correction.
Us as black women, have been somewhat brainwashed, that perming our hair, straightening it, texturing it, hot combing it, and getting rid of those GOTDAM KINKS, is what is good, the way we should be accepted, the way people should see us.

Cause there's so much that is WRONG with nappy hair.
You have to straighten it.
You should.
Its "beautiful."

It is beautiful to be fake, and to say you are so real.
How could you possibly call yourself real, when you have unnatural white-people hair?

Your not real.

Your a clone of sorts.

Since we are so cooped up in this STUPID mentality that straight hair is the way to righteousness, people like me, who want to transition, find it hard to go through with it.

The long life of straight hair, has brought a false, unnatural fear that no one will accept us for our natural selves. And no, not natural like "Imma tell it to huher face, im real, like real world up in dis bitch!"



Three times no.

I mean, our natural selves, like how we were created.
I never understood, when i was child until now, how Christians were always saying "its a sin to use condoms, and a sin to alter anything god has created, blah blah blah..."
Then why do so many Christian black women relax their hair?


What we as black women NEED to do is love ourselves.
Don't love what people want you to be, unless it's yourself.
We need to try our best to fall out of love, with the mainstream black beauties.
They love you.
They want to be loved back.

They want to feel special.
They want your attention.
They did nothing to harm you, yet you BURN them, and KILL them.

So that you can make other people happy?
So that you can pretend, that doing this isn't really hurting you?

It is okay to put others before you, in certain situations.
But in this...

its not. So stop.

Emancipate the kinks.
Emancipate yourself.


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