Envy...Isnt it funny?...MYTH SLASHER on New Growth...Liya Kebede And Her Daughter!

2/08/2009 02:06:00 PM

Before I begin...
tis pretty good.

I was on the bus Friday afternoon, going home from school.
I saw a girl, around my age, and her hair was B-E-A-YOUUUTIFULL
I thought is was fake at first, but then she bent her head, and there were definitely no tracks anywhere.
Her hair was natural and, it was probably straw set or something...but it was so pretty and hanging down almost to her shoulders.

I was jealous. haha.

But proud too.

Taken from http://www.thecoilreview.com
February 2, 2009

New Growth: The Myth Slasher Series
By: Yardley Messeroux

Last month, I conducted a natural hair & beauty workshop for a young girl's program in Brooklyn, NY. The girls were pretty interested in the topic, but they weren't the only ones. At least 7 program staff members attended and were very vocal about their interest in natural hair. They had some good comments and questions, but it's when the topic of natural hair myths came up, was when things got real.

All types of myths about natural hair were addressed—the texture and its characteristics, misconceptions of image, and even the –N– word, "Nappy". Information was provided that either confirmed, but mostly, contradicted the myths, and The Coil Review would like to share that information with you too!

The Myth Slasher Series of New Growth is a multi-part series that will feature myths that have lingered for way too long and need to be slashed onces and for all. Natural newbies, this is The Myth Slasher Series for healthy new growth--both hair and perspective.

The Myth: Natural hair is rough to the touch.
The Myth Slasher: True. Natural hair can feel rough to the touch if not properly maintained and nurtured. In a nutshell, keep your hair moisturized and conditioned and it won't feel rough. That was easy!

The Myth: Natural hair is tough by nature.
The Myth Slasher: False. Coily hair is the most delicate texture there is. The bends of each coil is a potential breaking point, so natural hair needs to be treated gently, with care.

The Myth: You must apply lots of grease to your hair and scalp for moisture.
The Myth Slasher: False. Grease is for cars, but not for the hair or the scalp. "Grease" usually refers to petroleum jelly-like products that people of color swear by for a dry scalp treatment. Let's break out of that people. Many petroleum jelly-like greases that are often called, hairdress, hair food or an oil based moisturizing conditioner, have synthetic/man-made lubricants such as mineral oil, petrolatum/petroleum. Those are cheap lubricants that give false hope of moisture, but will not truly deliver.

Preview to The Myth Slasher for March...
The Myth: People with natural hair are more eclectic than people that aren’t. Hmmm...


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