Sorry for the short absence...CLOSE CALL.

2/13/2009 11:22:00 AM

I was pretty lazy ans tired lately and didnt really have much interesting things to say...

But i'll tell you what i did last night.

i went, for the first time...clubbing.

It wasnt that great, it kinda sucked ass. But people said it wasnt a good club in general.
We had our own booth, but as we would get up to go dance and sit down we noticed some dudes were in our seat. So my friend and I go to solve our delema.
So we go there and its some rapper dude and his possey.
im not sure how BIG he is, but he has a song called "CLASS IN SESSION"

So, we ended up sharing the booth with them..
but it wasnt all that, nothing scandalous to tell.
Hes pretty damn good though.
once again.
"BIG UPS" to CANADA especially toronto, cuae we just keep "DOIN IT BIG YALL!"
Drizzy, Iman, this Jahvon dude, the CN tower....
c'mon, admit it.
we da shit.

Anyway, back to me..
So i lied to my grans saying i went to my dad's house (he lives across the street), and then i forgot to say i was sleeping over.

So i sleep over and wake up at about 9:48am.
call my grandma at 10:38am.
SHE IS PISSED and she said she going to my dad's house to check if i really there, as soon as she gets off the phone.
SO I RUSH and put on my friend's pant, cause i couldnt find mine..and booked it too the bus stop, where i got a bus right away, like just intime.

I got home in 7minutes.
(This all happened today by the way...
so i got home about an hour or something ago...
im really tired.)

and was safe, cause she didn't even leave the house yet.


I was thirsty for adventure...and i was turning guys down too, i was afraid i'd get shot, cause i was kind of rude to them.

oh well, i shall have more interesting things to say later.


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