Spuurr Of The Moment...(snip snip)

2/08/2009 09:59:00 AM


It was like 1:43 am.
I was feeling up my new growth.

As I was caressing the kinks, I thought to myself....
"I wonder if it's okay to snip off a kinky twist....then snip off some relaxed ends?"
So I got up and went to the bathroom.
I snipped off a twist in the middle of my head, so no one would notice...
then I BCed that tiny bit of hair. (not really a tiny bit, the twists are quite large/medium in the middle)

I was all smiles.
It felt pretty good....the scab hair didnt, but the rest did.
I watered it and then applied castor oil.

I think I did good thing. lol.
Now i know that BCing right away is NOT for me.

I dont quite have enought hair yet, to BC.
I think I may have to wait for June....
7-8 months transition seems better.
(But if i do get frustrated im cutting it.)

Im going to use that bit of kinky hair to determine how much growth i have or should have....
see how that one is growing...
see if its growing faster than the others...
so on and so forth.

-sharz. (i made a vid but too lazy to post it right now)

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