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2/27/2009 05:14:00 PM

This is apparently called "Plopping".
Plopping is a method of helping to create curl structure prior to diffusing or air drying.

As described by a member on, after you wash and condition your hair, you apply product to the wet hair and get ready to 'plop.' Put a t-shirt or towel down on a chair - some use the toilet with seat down. Leaning over the towel or t-shirt with your head hanging down bent over from your waist, position the wet hair onto towel so the curls are all concentrated on top of the head. Then pull the towel against the top and sides of the head, grabbing the 2 sides and twisting them into long ''sausage rolls'' near each ear. Take these rolled up towel extensions and pull them to the nape of the neck and secure them by tying them together, or tucking them in.

One reader said:

''Then I go about my morning routine — makeup, coffee, etc. The towel helps to absorb excess water while letting the curls 'set' into clumps. When you take the towel off, gently shake down the curls and diffuse 's' shaped, individual curly locks, with some volume at the roots."

If you want extra control, another member suggests spritzing on on some spray gel or scrunch in a bit more gel after you take the towel off.

So, I am guessing this only works with locs.

But there's the info whether you need it or not.

Lovers In Japan - Coldplay

This is a pretty great song, my friend (shout outs to nicholas!) pretty much forced me to listen to during class, turned off my lupe fiasco and everything. grr.


In gym class today, my gym teacher mentioned something interesting. Random, but interesting. He mentioned that our generation isn't a risk taking generation. We are not a generation that tries new things, without someone else to tell us or suggest it. He said:
"None of you, as a generation, have ridden a bike without a helmet"
"None of you, as a generation, have driven in a car without a seatbelt"
"Most of you, as a generation, haven't been beaten by your parents." (okay, i added that one)

Basically, he was trying to make a point that, we arrived in a time where consequences were known. Everything is basically done for us. Whether it be writing(computers), walking (cars), even spelling/dictionary findings (internet) which are all online for us to use at ease.

I thought we were the generation of leasers...
I swear motivational speakers come to our school at least once a month to tell us how "we can be the change" or "we are the change" and shiz like that. CONFUSING MUCH?!?!

Also, some religion professor came to our school and gave our religion classes a 55 minute presentation about Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam.
It was really interesting, and when you really think about all of it, all our religions are the same in a way. I, in case you didn't know, am Muslim. I am not a major practising Muslim, even though i have officially stopped drinking as of JAN.1. Haha, if you go back back baaack to my older posts, you will see why. In case you forgot.

But yeah. I think the most interesting religions of them all was Buddhism and Hinduism.
The thing that blew my mind about Buddhism is that "Buddha" is actually a spiritual name, for anyone who can be completely aware that their reality is the Divine Deity's reality and the "you are not you...."

Apparently, once you realize that YOU are not YOU, you can live a life of total awareness and once you die, you can merge with the Divine. But if you cannot get it through your head that you are actually NOT YOU. You are reincarnated, in order to try and learn that you are not you.

Same with Hinduism.
In the western world, we have time lines. However in India, the time goes in a circle, which makes sense because everything is happening again like a circle. The professor said:
"Today is friday, and there was a friday last week..and I bet you any money, there's gonna be a friday next week, and a year from now."
I don't remember all of what he said....but all I know is...
Religion is crazy interesting.

DID YOU KNOW: Judaism has 613 commandments!??!
holay shit!
GOLD = wisdom & BURGUNDY= compassion for Buddhism
they wear those two colours as a symbol of having wisdom WITH compassion.
Sikhs wear a dullish knife under their clothing as a symbol of dignity and something else. So when you are faced with a horrid person, you shouldn't fight them with weapons.
Unless it is the weapon of Dignity and the other major thing that i forgot.


Wow, even though today was rainy and blah, I learnt a shit load of interesting shit.


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