I Love How...

3/01/2009 12:53:00 PM

I waited anxiously for the damn weekend to arrive, and when it came around I was all smiles...
to find that my weekend sucked major ass, and now I cannot wait until monday to go to school and actually have somewhat of something to do.


I hope everyone else on earth had a better weekend than me.
Shit sucks.

I took out my kinky twists, cause they were looking janky. Then I went to a b-day jam(which soooked ass, and people couldn't dance if thier life depended on it!), since everyone liked it, I think I may keep it... though I kind of think its a bit big.
And I feel like E. Badu in this photo:
Erykah Badu Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't know.

a lot of people liked it, and so do I.
However, I feel like I'm going to get looks.
HAHA, some dude thought it was my real hair, i was like "uh, no."

My Favourite Ep. From Clone High...(one of my fave)

haha, my friend and I made a handshake based on this episode in gr.5

-sigh- i miss clone high.


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