I Love You...THIS MUCH! ( i am a martian)

3/21/2009 05:44:00 AM

Maui Wowie - KiD CuDi

i love the john legend part...ahaha!

I Love You...THIS MUCH!! (i am a martian.)

i love the pricks.
i love the shit they try to bring up to me almost everyday.
i love that they think i don't know most of the things i already know.
i lovehow they cheat, steal, lie, and try their best to deceive and do me wrong...
thinking i don't know.

i act spaced out at times.
but im not.
yes, i know..
no one told me.
i saw.
i heard you while you thought i wouldn't hear...
i act as if there isn't a damned thing wrong cause i believe that i don't need to do wrong in order to succeed.

i love how they critique.
i love when they get all looksy with that dumb "what is that?" look on their faces whenever i do something, wear something, "rock" something different.

everyone has eyes to see shiz with, and i've learnt to deal with that.

"See I must tell you all now
Keep on acting funny
Cool with me"

i love the people who are good to me.
the ones who's opinions mean most to me.
or at least more than the pricks.
the ones who have realized im a martian.
it cannot be helped.
im weird.
i know.

but they love it.

however, i must say...
i DO love the pricks the most.
people like them ARE the ones that make people like myself strong, experienced, cautious, and smart
(in the practical way most of the times. so dont go looking for a prick and expect to get a 99.8% average).

"xnay on the bullshit man
my words on how i feel are: f*** that.
I don't give a damn If I met one damn hater.
Talk of town
Don't be afraid of all y'all
All I ask about y'all is to please

Embrace the martian
Embrace the martian
I come in peace
But I need y'all rockin with me
Embrace the martian
And this is how it sounds"

credit paid: the words in brackets are from the song: embrace the martian by kid cudi. & down and out by " "

p.s. dont ask me if whether or not im talking about you...
i hate that.
just figure it out yourself! if you think it applies to you, then it does.
if you know deep down it applies to you...
then most f***ing likely it does.

p.p.s i dont know what motivated me to write this, i think it was cause i was listening to a song that made me think about it.

Embrace The Martian (Feat. KiD CuDi) - KiD CuDi

Down & Out - KiD CuDi

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