3/28/2009 05:05:00 PM

Golden - Chrisette Michele

I love Chrisette Michele, her voice is so unique and lovely...

Anyways, here are the videos I was talking about...they're a bunch of Big Chop videos cause I wanted a TWA style, so I can know what to ask for..though I'm just thinking of a simple shaping....i like the shaped look, a lot. I also went looking for ways to make my hair "Pop". I love that look too.

So here they are. (i couldn't find some that I found earlier..arrg.)

love how her hair looks! she's sooo pwetty!

love her hair.

i just noticed the other good vids disabled the embedding. DARN!
E BACK SOON, this isn't finished, but i need to restart my laptop. -sigh-


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