His Reply....

3/05/2009 11:58:00 PM

I have heard many rumours of people telling you things that I have not even said in the event of our break-up. I was looked at as some kind of bad person for only being honest with you and letting you know why I had not wanted a relationship. You say that you thought I would have known you better but it is funny that after I told you about the shelter(although we weren't together, you could have used that against me, I trust you), you stopped talking to me, even though I said that I wanted to be friends. So me not trusting you anymore after you stopped talking to me would be reasonable, but I decided to be mature and let that fact pass.
Now I also hear rumors of how I flirt with Keisha to make you jealous, going behind my back instead of telling me was unexpected, I THOUGHT YOU KNEW ME BETTER. I talk to almost all your friends just fine, what would make me not talk to you, its not like I cheated or had sex with you, we broke up before it got that far, so it shouldn't be that big a deal.

I would have to thank you though for telling me of this person who switches words arounds and tells you messages, now I know to be careful with my 'friends'. I actually said that "it might have been a mistake by Sharifa or one of her friends, or a small rumour", that was all I said. I just hope you know that if you have a problem I am mature enough to handle it face to face, because I hear about randomthings(like Keisha) that you hadn't told me about.

The trip is fun and very eventful, but the showers are cold and some of the trips are boring. try to bathe at night when nobody s in the shower because the water will be hot. Carry a lot of money and a lock, because you have a locker.Expect the unexpected and have FUN.

Your thoughts?
(though you don't really know the whole story)
He really turned the whole subject arounf on me here, I was not leaning towards this.

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