Nadir (The Climax) - A True Thought (not a true story) [EXPLICIT usual.]

3/04/2009 11:44:00 PM

Faced with two decisions...
She has to decide.
Morals and Temptation do not always coincide
Love and Lust are often easily mixed up,
You don't always know, what is underneath the cup.

She tries to find her way between wrong and right.
No answer in sight.
He makes it so hard to hold back.
Showering her with gifts...
Popping the gums about having his first child...

She doesn't realize he never speaks about marriage.
Just child baring.

His first child...
What does that mean? No, Really..
However she is already in his house,
and he is getting touchy feely.

Making remarks that consist of the vastness of her beauty.
The softness of her skin.
The perfection of her body.
The way he feels right at that very moment...

What he wants to do, instead of say...

Love has two meanings...

I Love You.
I Love You.
Which is which?

but they are both quite the bitch.

She has fallen into his trap...
The Threshold of Desire has been stepped over.

And he took her.
She knew deep down in her gut, that it was wrong..
she thought she wanted him.
Though She thought she wanted him to take to to "new heights" as he had promised her.
He brought her to brand new lows.

At it for hours, on and off, he did it mercilessly.
Crying of pains.
Pains as a plural.
Pain from the intake.
Pain from the Heartbreak.
Pain from the shame that creeped up in the depths of her body and made her shudder and her eyes widening with fear.

What has she done?

She promised herself, to keep herself.
Save herself for the right one.
The one who deserved it most.
The one she would be in love with, rather than in lust.

It was too late.
It was done.
She felt it inside her..
she could swear she felt every fact she had learnt in health class happen inside her body.

Thats right.
You're really getting FUCKED now.
You thought you were getting FUCKED before, but it just got WORSE.
You can't ever go back.
You can only go forward..
where you will be faced with another decision.
In another Nadir.

More pain.
More fear.

It's part of life my dear...

No use in praying...
E for Effort though.
And those who are typical may call you a Hoe.
"Why she gotta go 'round fuckin men Fo'?"
Little do they know...

that was an atempt at a poem..that turned into a short story some how....then turned back into a poem? WTF. Well yeah, this hasn't happened to me by the way. I AM INDEED STILL A VIRGIN.

(listen to : Sex Is On Fire by Kings Of Leon -love that song...)

Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon

OH Right and uh, 26 ''followers'' thanks people. You really don't have to....seriously.
Also, i do check on ALL those blogs you see down there. Haha. Just I don't always (i rarely ever) comment, cause I don't always (feel like typing) have something to say.
But yeah. Those blogs DO get read. Not right away, but they all EVENTUALLY do.
Even at school in the library or during Religion Arts Class (we use computers with internet..dont ask), So i literally have the whole day to get to them.



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