Hope Everyone Had A Grrreat March Break.

3/22/2009 10:54:00 AM



ME(well, my hand)&NEKO

Mine was...alright.
  1. Got some cleaning done.
  2. Got a atom amount of shopping done.
  3. Got my glasses. (i've need glasses for some time, and its a pretty strong prescription too. =[ )
  4. Visited my mother.
  5. Played with my cat for the first time this year, and since summer 08. -sigh- (i had to give it to my aunt, cause my grans didnt want it in the house. Then my aunt gave it to my mom's friends, then my mom's friend gave it to my mom.)
Had a nice relaxing week. Did some jamming. Gained a few pounds but thats alright.
Now all I really have to do is, my notes for class (i need them for a test apparently) and get a good night's rest tonight, so i can wake up early for school.
-sigh- School.

I'm ready to face school life.
I was happy in Ottawa cause it was like a new start, no one knew any of my past business, and liked me cause I was a nice person with an attractive personality, not cause of who I used to date, or who I hang or hung out with.
Now I have to go to school, and deal with people who know a good enough deal about me, and people who annoy me, anger me, and make me feel really cruddy.
My plan is just to ignore, be happy, and focus on the things that really matter.

My education (grades and all alike)
My family
My cat
My hair and its needs
Not swearing.
and my room keeping clean and organized.
oh yeah.. and friends.
I think the best line used in 09 must be:
My words on how i feel exactly are: f*** that, I don't care if I met. one. hater.

Seriously, whenever I hear that line, I have to say it aloud.

I don't like getting in the hype, but I really really love Kid Cudi's music (besides, im not getting in the hype, since some of my friends dont really like all his songs...bot even Day n Night)
Here is a freestyle:

SONG IS HAWT, I hope it turns into a Bonus track somehow.
I love the "im so bossy bossy bossy, bitch get off me, off me" part. Haha!


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