Week Went Well...

3/28/2009 10:23:00 AM

The dude actually talked to me, in a friendly manner, so I think I'll just out the whole thing behind me now....and if he wants to talk about it , then sure. But until then....its under the soil. Everyone loved my "semi-haircut", and a lot of people thought it was my natural hair....a lot of black girls at my school, one in particular came up to me after school and said:
"Wow, sharifa's bringing it back in a weird new way...i really like it!"
"thanks..." I'm very awkward with compliments.
"Its so good that you can be comfy with your hair like that, I wish I could do that but...no I could never!"
I felt the need to go through this whole lecture with her, but instead I smiled since I was way too tired to get into it. However, I'll catch her on Monday and we'll have a good talk about why Natural Hair ROCKS.

Also, a lot of dudes at school LOVE it. One guy (he's spanish but likes to think he can pull off for a black dude, and he kind of can....a lightskinned one.) said:
"Wow, sharifa your hair is SO wicked! Is it all natural?"
"Not exactly, no..."
Then he asked my school mate, who perms her hair all the time, and pin straghtens it...
"Why don't you do that?"
"Nigga-naps!? Haha, oh no. I can't do it. Want me to look MAD!?!"
"You don't have to call them that. Why can't you just say Naps? I like Sharifa's. Can i feel?"
I let him feel the roots, since that was where all the reall naps were, they are thick by the way...
"Wow, thats so cool. Why do black girls want straight hair, and white girls want curly hair....everyone should just stick thier own thing. I love black peoples hair...i wish i could get mine to cornrow and shit. That would be a dream...."
Then we had a long discussion about wether or not his hair can get braided...
This was on Monday.

Even my teachers liked it, and the secretary, vice-principal.
The list goes on.
So I guess, I'm not completely scared about my natural haor getting accepted...I was scared about my shortness. However, i had a discussion with my step-moom, who cornrowd my hair last night...
"You shouldn;t worry, just cut it all off. You have a nice round hed, so it'll look really good. And yoiu think your hair grows slow, but it is fast growing. If you stop relaxing, which you have, then you should see that."
And I kind of have. My hair is already THICK LIKE A MOFO and hard to FINGER-COMB through. Not because of tangles, because of THICKNESS.
Like, oh em gee. It is really "bad". I haven't been told I have GOOD hair, in a sense of easy-to-manageness. However, I was always told i had great hair cause of the strength and thickness, even when my hair was permed. Ladies were always like:
"Oh, you have beautiful hair child..."
and I would get all quiet and shy but still say "thank you."

My little sister wants to transistion too!
She is cornrowing her hair until the permed ends fall out.
I have a video, that I will post later, of her and her thoughts on hair. She's only 10! I am sooo proud, I have been a role model! I feel like some sort of activist. Haha!

I was also looking at some BIG CHOP vids on Youtube, and I decided I'll post those up later as well. Im at my Dad's house right now though, which so happens to be across the street from my house (Haha, I find it so funny) and I should be back home in an hour, after he comes home from work.

So you'll see everything later!
-Sharz <33
(p.s sorry about the spelling mistakes, im sick, tired and hungry)

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