LONG post today, but GLAD TO BE HOME!!

3/14/2009 07:09:00 PM

There were WAY ore people, but this was MY group. (group 5)

Ok, so copy and paste:

Ok, so I was really lazy and tired for the first two days and didn’t feel like documenting A DAMNED THING. However, today, which is officially DAY 2, even though it is 10:34 pm as I type, and bedtime is at 10:40. But I’ll make this quick…

Day 0.5 (??): So, I was almost late, well I felt almost late for my train, however I wasn’t and I got there maybe fifteen minutes early and my partner was second in line, so I got to “butt” everyone else. (haha). So I get on the wrong car…I got on car 6 with my partner, however my car was 3. So I had to walk back to car 3...before the train started to head to the dusty trail…

Train ride = boring and nerve-racking. Staying in one place is a little difficult.
Got to Ottawa, my partner and I were lost, alone and clueless.
Are names were called on the P.A, we were still scared and confused…
We found our person and got on a small bus.

Got to the place….and ate, played ice breaker games and went to bed.

Day 1: Went to parliament (I took photos =] ) and yeah, I participated in an AFRICAN DANCE(or African Ballet) workshop. Which was… um. Interesting. I actually really liked it, and I am sort of interested and wishing that we had a class in school for it.

Day 2 : (today…the day I am typing…) I woke up….
Made friends, finally. One from Alberta and another from British Columbia…and now I don’t feel so alone. We were visited by guest speakers, one was an entertainer and the other (we got to chose, and I chose…) an Assistant Manager for Ottawa Life magazine. Which was GREAT and very informational. Wow, its 10:43 and they haven’t turned off the lights as yet, sweet! Anyway, so after all that we went to the Museum and learned about the First Nation peoples, and more about Canada.

One minute till Lights out.

But, we saw a movie at IMAX called The Alps, which was very INTENSE.

I need to go now, so I’ll get back to this.
By the way, my favourite song right about now, is THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY by JOHNTA AUSTIN.

Day 3: Hey! Just in my room, it is 6:11 pm and just finished supper and awaiting the time where all the kids divide into their provinces and creates skits that present their provinces in various ways. Yay.
So today was pretty fun. Woke up at 6:52am took a pretty relaxing shower, compared to the morning of day 2, also we went to Glebe High School which is possibly, if not, the largest school in Ottawa or Canada…not sure which is which. We watched two (out of some other selections) Canadian films, one named The Red Violin and another named The Rocket, which I fell asleep for the first half.
Afterwards we met with the directors and co-stars and met a Canadian film critic who talked to us about his occupation for a bit, then we got to write a review on one of the two films we watched.
Here’s my review on The Red Violin if anyone’s interested:
***** (5 stars)
The movie, The Red Violin, was so intense, amazingly written, and the acting was so talented thatI forgot it was a Canadian film.

Besides the fact that Samuel L. Jackson co-starred, the acting was exceptional. The original score is worth an OST download or buy, I know I am going to try searching it up. I personally love the violin, and the score throughout the film was beautiful. As for the storyline and plot, The Red Violin had a great story behind the great acting and beautiful O.S.T. The story was basically a motioned biography of a fictional violin, named “THE RED VIOLIN” which goes through generations and generations.

The film was intense, due to the dramatic atmosphere it made and even though there were subtitles it was still worth the time to read and get captivated in. The film was never boring, since it never dragged on for longer than needed or appreciated, and there were a lot of twists and turns which were unexpected.

Overall, it was a great Canadian film that, I believe, should be shared throughout North America and possibly, the rest of the world. The Red Violin deserves a wider audience.

Done. (short, I know…)

So It is now 6:40pm…
They are calling down provinces, however Ontario hasn’t been called as yet. My laptop’s battery is really unreliable and it is slowly dying, but that’s quite alright right about now.
The trip is going okay, though I am not used to not having a group of friends around me, it is kind of relaxing. I always wanted to know what it was like to only have one or three friends at most.
It feels odd.
I cannot wait to go home and share A LOAD of laughs about things that don’t make sense to other people. I guess, being in a different city surrounded by people you don’t know, makes you realize just HOW MUCH you really love everything about your city, your friends, your family and your community. Honestly, I am getting city-sick. Not quite home sick, but CITY-SICK, because I miss Toronto, a lot.

I gotta go to the cafeteria now….
Laters! =]
Okay, so that was fun, it is 10:00 pm exactly, and I have just come back from doing skits and watching skits, singing oh Canada, and saying my name and city in front of a camera….

It was mega fun, I got into some photos, made new acquaintances and did a lot of laughing.
I enjoyed it.

Maybe it’ll just get better and better, maybe not…all I know is today was really great, and people were less snobby and more talkative and friendly. I am having a good time, but not enough of a good time to NOT WANT to go home. If you get what I’m saying.

I am drinking purple crush and I finished a Nerd Rope….even though I seem to have a huge pimple on my face…I will take this opportunity to max out on junk. I used up my phone card, I think . I may try it again tomorrow, since I do not think I have much time right now.

I am currently listening to Violet Hill by Coldplay. I think I’ll sleep pretty well tonight, since I’m already tired. This is going to be one looooong blog post when I get back. Sorry I didn’t post daily, its just the INTERNET café is pretty intimate, and I sometimes feel odd when people discover my blog…..

I miss my home.

S’later! <3

DAY 4:

In brief, we woke up, I went to Carlton U to learn about their campus and journalism program, and then we went to see a play named DOUBT. Which was a about a priest being accused of molesting a little negro boy (the only one) at a private catholic school in the Bronx.

It was really good and we had a Q+A session.
I quickly checked my blog today, and saw 32 “Followers” thanks a bunch , it feels good to have people read and give feedback. Not just “follow” and not ever say one thing here.
In brief (and this isn't copy and paste), it was amazing, we had a DANCE and I DJ'd and it was frustrating but AWESOME at the same time.

Afterwards some groups left early to catch flights and around 5 of us stayed up, all night played pictionary and talked about funny interessting things. Trying to cleanse the doors of our perceptions by depriving ourselves from sleep.

Got to the train station at around 10:45am
Train left at 12:45pm (sigh)
fell asleep for 1 hour and 20 min. so I failed the cleansing process.
Arrived in Toronto at 5:07pm

I will post photos up later on today or tomorrow, I am really tired right now... seriously.
glad to be home!

-Sharz! <33

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