Egyptians...are so awesome. And I am going CASTOR OIL CRAZY.

3/19/2009 11:38:00 AM

Alright, so...
Before I begin with some new things I learnt about Hair care...I need to get stuff off my chest:

I am starting to lurve off:

These shorts, with tights though, cause i have a slight issue with showing skin..

Mineral Wash Jeans. Anyone feeling them like I do? No?

This girl's hair...
but i also like printed leggings, not those ones though.

Long sundresses are in....
Well, i like to be covered, so .... yeah.
Just not to the ankles...thats a bit extra.

I think other people know this...but I just found out that CASTOR OIL encourages hair growth, and it was used with Almond oil by the Egyptians. I love those egyptians.
And since I love then and thier fabulous ideas...this whole post will be about them and thier awesome hair care ideas:

ROSEMARY OIL: Rosemary Oil is the modern oil commonly associated with stimulating hair growth. Rosemary is a common Mediterranean plant, and may very well have been familiar to some Egyptian doctors, although there's little evidence for its use. Interestingly, Rosemary has also been used at present to subtly darken hair and to bring out the highlights in darker hair.

CASTOR OIL: The following formula can be used to stimulate hair growth or merely to improve the texture and appearance of one's hair. Almond Oil and Castor Oil were among the vegetable oils used by the Egyptians. Castor Oil is frequently used in an attempt to encourage hair growth but it has a very viscous texture. Mixing it with the Sweet Almond Oil will improve the aroma and make the resulting oil smoother and more easily spread. However, if you wish to somewhat reproduce the stickiness and "tacky" feel of resin from the original formula, eliminate the Sweet Almond Oil and double the proportion of Castor. (which i do, cause i don't know where to find Almond oil)

Scalp and Hair Stimulation Oil

One Teaspoon Sweet Almond Oil

One Teaspoon Castor Oil

10 Drops Essential Oil of Fir Needle (Abies spp)

OR Essential Oil of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Mix the Sweet Almond Oil together with the Castor Oil in a small bowl and then add no more than 10 drops of Essential Oil. Mix with your fingers and then rub vigorously into your scalp, concentrating on areas where hair is thinning.

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Now this formula only got 2 and a half stars, can still try it.

How to Use Castor Oil to Treat Hair Loss

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Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Castor oil
  • Cloth or towel
  • Almond or grapeseed oil
Purchase a bottle of Castor oil from your local grocery store or pharmacy. Castor oil should be relatively easy to find as it is often used as an alternative to laxatives. Many people also use it to treat certain skin disorders.

Apply the Castor oil directly to your scalp and the roots of your hair. Don't rub the Castor oil through the rest of your hair, as it may be difficult to wash out due to its consistency. Smear the Castor oil around the top of your head so that it fully covers your scalp.

Wrap your hair with a cloth or clean towel and loosely tie it in place. Make sure the Castor oil in your hair is completely covered by the cloth or towel. Allow the Castor oil to sit on your hair overnight and immediately wash it out when you awaken the next day.

Repeat this Castor oil treatment about once a week. It will most likely take about 6 or 7 applications before you experience any noticeable results.

Try mixing Castor oil with lighter oils, such as almond or grapeseed oil. Castor oil is a thick oil and it may be time consuming to remove it from your hair if used alone. Combine it with other oils to lighten its density. In addition, Castor oil is scentless, so you may want to mix it with other substances, such as almond or rosemary oil, to add a nice smelling scent to your hair.

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So, for all the information I got for now...and I went on to find that there is a CASTOR OIL CHALLENGE going on strong right now, and I may just jump on the Bandwagon.
You may check it out here:
her hair isn't natural, but it IS long...
so.. lets do this!!
Since I am a bit late on the challenge, i shall start TODAY. and i don't know when I should end it....
we can see how the growth goes every month i guess.
But basically, I have to oil my scalp twice a week with castor oil (which i am running out of...damn).

By the way, im wearing my hair like so:

(me bored with a 10sec timer)

until i BC...
And i will be cutting and cutting until im okay to chop it all off. If you get what I mean.
You get it. I know you do. Haha.

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