Sorry I'm Late, but.... MARCH BREAK!!

3/17/2009 03:59:00 AM

Khadija Romero

Hey hey heyy!!

Well, it is march break and I am not bored, but I feel like I do not have ENOUGH to do!! When I was in Ottawa I was always so busy, and now I barely have things to do. A friend and I went downtown yesterday to find a bunch of protesting Tamils all over the streets, which, not to be mean, ruined my day. Besides the fact that, it wasn't as warm as the weatherman said it would be. I bought a pair of sunglasses, carrot cake muffin, and we ate Harvey's. I had an original hamburger.

Yeah, I know, you don't care... but I just thought I would get that out of the way.

While I was downtown though, I noticed A BUNCH of people with dreads, and they were all long and neat!! It was like, they were all in hiding, and then came out of hiding once they saw everyone start loving on Wayne's or something.
It is sooo, odd.

Okay, so I snipped my hair a bit, after taking out the extensions and I have been sporting the curly fro type thing since. Photo? Alright...
yeah.. that was taken out of rushing out the door-ness.

But you get it.

I have a feeling that I may end up waiting another month. I know what your thinking: You said you were ready, and two textures were queer, and you couldn't wait to get rid of the "crap"
well...I am only going to wait for one or two months to pass. If I cannot deal with it for two months, then the only option is to chop it off right? right. So it seems that I wasn't totally as ready as I thought I was, but I'l get there....haha. Aww, I hope no one is disappointed, but honestly it takes a bunch load of guts to do this sort of thing, especially if you're like me, you has never NEVER never had short short hair in her life.

There is not much else to say...

I passed through Kanye's Blog, and saw that Bat for Lashes has a new song, and peoples, I have like Bat For Lashes WAYY before Kanye made his admiration public, and I am very proud of this fact. Anyways, it's called 'Daniel', and if you want to watch the Music Video just plop yourself onto Kanye(ezzziies)'s blog. It is there. Actually, I will just post the video too...but you can still check it out there...

Daniel - Bat For Lashes
Bat for Lashes or FREKUM AWESOME, okay...they are the Cat's Pyjamas.
While we are on the sunbect of music, I will confess that back in the day i was a j-pop j-rock FAN to the the extreme and was in love with Naime Amuro's now I will share her possibly new video: "Wild"...which kind of reminds me of Feedback by Janet Jackson, but let's not go there.

Wild- namie amuro -

33 "followers" sweet, one is someone I know personally too...weird, but Sweet.

So, I'm going to get a move on now, just updating everyone on what is UPPERS with "I and I" or "Ianeye" or whatever the Rastafarians say....
you know what I am trying to say.


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