VALENTINES DAY...(another poetic pathetic moment, just for fun though, im not feeling emo at all)

2/06/2009 08:02:00 PM

Hearts and Chocolate...

Love and Loss.
coins to toss
down in a well
wishes to tell.

Bring you flowers
Talking for hours.
Even more reason for him to take a half hour shower.

Meeting for lunch.
Meeting for brunch.
Thinking that things couldn't be any more greater
admiration spread wide through 1200 acres.

if something like that could be bought off the rack.

People who don't have that love to spend time with every now and then.
Dealing with those damned couples kissing around the bend.

Watching them buy eachother chocolates.
feeling so heartless.

like the grinch on Christmas Eve.
Turning into a MAD hater..

Like those homophobes who say "no adam and steve"

But to make yourself feel so much better, you go out.
Have a great time the night before Valentines.

You send yourself flowers,
hearts and chocolates.

Morning comes...
you dump them under the faucet.

Rip up that card from you to you...
flush that shit down the toilet.

One thing to be alone...
but you don't have to be pathetic too...

This is for the people....
who don't quite have a boo.


just for fun...
i'd write a happy go lucky v-day poem, but ....
i cant think of

honestly, i'm not quite feeling the emo-ness.

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