its the weekend. END OF DISCUSSION!

2/21/2009 03:12:00 PM


More specifically it is SATURDAY. I know that Sunday is supposed to be known as a day of ULTIMATE REST. But honestly, Saturday isn't the day I want to do shit.

I vacumed a bit.
I ate.
I searched new music.

I found new natural models.

Thats it for today.

It started to snow again, which means my spring cleaning is naturally post-poned. Not cause i want it to be, just cause it is.

Just because I am lazy and limp, doesn't mean that the rest of you need to be that way too!
GO OUT! Get some fresh air, even if that means you're going to take a drive with the windows rolled down.

Go wash your car.
Go take photos of stuff.
Go learn a new recipe.
Eat out with a friend for dinner.
Nothing too expensive.
Watch a movie.
Rent a movie.


I am going to attempt to clean the rest of my house, and be done by 6pm EST.
So that i can start my laundry and watch primetime television shows while I wait.

11:30pm EST is SNL.

Yep, my saturday is well planned out.

I hate canada in the winter.
at least im not in montreal though.

-SHARZ <33

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